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The Belurra Product Sample Box is a unique opportunity to try and experience our high-quality products. With a selection of our best Guest Amenities and the complete Biru cosmetic line, the sample box provides a comprehensive overview of our range.

The Guest Amenities Box contains a selection of the best products from our range, including the Belurra Bamboo Shoe Horn, the Belurra Linen Slippers, and other high-quality products. This box gives you the chance to fully test the quality of our products and be convinced of their high quality.

The cosmetic box contains the entire Biru series, our natural and high-quality cosmetic line. With natural ingredients such as coconut, linen, and bamboo, the Biru series provides a comfortable skin feeling and supports your sustainable Guest Amenities.

Both boxes are free of charge and can be tailored to your wishes. Check the quality of our products for yourself and let your guests share in it. Order your Belurra Product Sample Box now.

Style: Guest Amenities + Slipper
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Style: Guest Amenities + Slipper

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