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ur company is a specialist in the field of sustainable products for the hospitality industry. We understand that environmental impact is a big concern for many businesses and consumers, and therefore we strive to offer CO2-neutral products that do not leave a negative footprint on the environment.

Our goal is to continuously improve our products to create the best and most sustainable products for you and your guests. We work closely with our suppliers and production partners to ensure that the products we offer meet the highest standards of sustainability and environmental protection.

We are proud to provide you with a wide range of products that can help you make your hotel furnishings sustainable and CO2-neutral. Let's work together to ensure that your guests live in an environment that has a future for all of us. Discover our sustainable product range and benefit from our expertise and experience in sustainability.

Production facility in Indonesia

In 2023, we have expanded our production facility in Purwokerto, Indonesia for the third time. We moved to a new and larger production building, allowing us to supply even more hotels with our innovative and sustainable flip-flops.

All materials are sourced from the local region. We work closely with a textile company that manufactures all our fabrics for us.

We collaborate with many farmers from whom we get our coconut fibers or seaweed for our seaweed slippers.

Our customers are always welcome to visit our production site on site. We coordinate these trips to Indonesia together with them. Please feel free to contact us about this.

✹ Over 50 local employees ✹ Supporting local social and climate protection projects ✹ Handmade production of products

Sustainability is thought of holistically at our company

Yes, we are aware that we do not produce in Europe and therefore have a longer journey for our products. However, it would not be possible to produce this type of products in Europe at all, as the raw materials we use do not occur here in this quantity. We mainly use waste products (coconut fibers) and use them for our stylish slippers.

To make our products even more sustainable and to compensate for the CO2 emissions during transport, we certify all products through our partner Climate Partner CO2 neutral. For this, the caused CO2 emissions are compensated by CO2 savings through sustainable projects.

We have also made our office and sales infrastructure as energy efficient as possible. Meanwhile, we conduct over 95% of our appointments digitally. If we still visit you on site, we travel CO2 neutral via electric car or train.

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